Siquijor life

Siquijor can dive but .. What is Siquijor now

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We are under General Community Quarantine

Iquitos island as of today still under general community quarantine which Siquijor have strict ion but still we can go out, can go for Scuba Diving (beach entry only) etc…

Like other place we are also open grocery shop, market, pharmacy etc but many restaurant, dive shop, hotel and resort are closed.

Restriction for in and out to siquijor

one of big problem as of now in Siquijor are restriction in and out to island from Other place.

As of now we can not going any other island and any resident and tourist can not one in to siquijor except police, medical staff Etc .

So if now you want to come siquijor island for holiday are impossible as of now and until 15th May confirmed no boat trip to and from Siquijor.

Underwater in siquijor are still beautiful

As of this moment we can not get clearance from  Philippines coast guard for boat dive but people who want to dive from beach are still allowed.

Of course we don’t have much tourist at Siquijor as of now but some people who want to go dive anytime we can take it.

How about in town

Normal life in siquijor are nothing change.

On the highway we have check point from National police and military but nothing special at moment.

Most of time but time they did not check like body temperature, ID etc…

So not so had life as of now in siquijor compare to other place we are still paradise…

How is condition in siquijor diving?

As of now we have around 28-29℃ Water temperature and around 20m visibility.

Nothing to see over but lots of fish around and we saw lots of interesting things for macro like frog fish, nudibranch, ghost pipe fish etc…

When quarantine will lift hope we can take Under water in siquijor many people as possible.

Stay @home and keep safe

I talk bout only siquijor but i know also world wide problem.

So please stay @home much as you need and hope everyone will be safe.

Once this pandemic will end (hope…) or even controllable near future, all of our staff waiting at siquijor for dive.

Hope see you soon!!